Welcome To Our Frequently Ask Questions:

How Much are the Adoption Donations?

Our adoption donations range from $450 to $1,5oo on average per dog based on expenses, breed, age, size etc.  We are also happy to accept any additional donations!

These donations cover everything from foster home supplies, transport and vetting costs. Transport becomes very costly as our dogs are usually transported from other areas of the US or internationally .

What is your address? 

Wagging Tails Dog Rescue NY does not have a shelter/facility and runs solely on foster homes located in Southern Westchester NY. Please complete an application if you are interested in joining our foster family!

Where does the money from the adoption donation go? 

We are a non-profit organization. All funds we collect from adoption donations cover the intake costs of bringing these special dogs into our care as well as their vetting. Some of our dogs have more vetting needs and rehabilitation than others.

Why is there an adoption donation? Don’t these pets need homes?

Our pets are transported to us in Westchester NY, examined by a veterinarian, spayed and neutered (when age appropriate) and provided with appropriate vaccines. Your adoption donation also helps cover expenses for our future rescue dogs. In addition, our organization does not receive any federal, state or local funding – we solely rely on the generosity of our donors.

What do I need to do to meet this dog? 

The first step is to complete the application. If you have not completed the application, please do so. Please do not email us prior to filling out the application, as it slows the process, and all information we have about the dog is in the description. As we learn more about the dog, we will update the description. Once the application is reviewed and if it is a good match for the dog, we will contact you about meeting the dog. Your entire family and any current dogs must be present upon meeting.

What happens after I complete the application? 

Our Application Review Volunteers will check the application to see if it is a match for the dog(s) for which you applied. If we need additional information, we will contact you. If it looks like your home will be a match, we will contact your references (references MUST be non-relatives. If you include a family member or in-law as a reference, we cannot proceed with the application.). Please be sure to alert your vet (if applicable) that you have applied to adopt and that it is OK for the vet to share basic information with us. If you do not alert your vet, it slows our process. If you rent, please be sure to provide the phone number for your landlord. If everything checks out, you will be contacted to meet the dog at one of our events, at the foster home or at a location determined between you and the foster family.

How big will this puppy get? 

We are unable to determine how large a puppy will grow. While we usually know the mother, we rarely, if ever, know the father. If size is an issue, we recommend that you adopt a full-grown dog, generally over one year old.

What breed is this dog? 

We can only speculate on the breed of a dog based on general characteristics and traits. If it is a puppy born in our care, we know the mother.

You keep mentioning “foster homes”…what are they? 

Before they are adopted, we try to put the majority of our dogs in temporary homes. This way, we get to know the dog’s personality, likes, dislikes and general temperament. We rely on the judgment of our foster homes a great deal. Foster homes are not intended to be permanent homes; our foster homes are all volunteers who are committed to giving our rescues the love and socialization they need.  We are always looking for more foster homes so we can save more dogs. You can become a foster home by filling out an application and when prompted to select “dogs of choice” choose “Foster A Dog.” It’s truly a great experience for the whole family.

Why do you have so many “rules” about adopting?

“Don’t these dogs need a home?” “Why can’t I just have this dog – I know I can make it work?”

We invest a great deal of emotional and financial resources into each dog we save. Our top priority is finding him/her a home where they will thrive and become a loving, happy member of a household. Placing him in a home that does not match their needs will not make the dog or new owner happy. We respectfully ask that all potential adopters honor these decisions. We are always willing to work with potential adopters on finding the right match for your home. We appreciate your patience as we are committed to finding furever & EVER homes!